OMG alla faccia del post striminzito XD

OMG fast than light, few days ago I was here thinking about if do or not Rengoku (we've also Donten) and now the chapter are THREE!? Anyway, stop chit-chat, can I ask the permission for rescan in Italian u know what? We keep all credit and if u send us the psd maybe I can marry u or if u want there is a biggest harem back here (too idiot XD)


Ah, I didn’t see this until I got a notif for a different ask..sorry about the wait. ^^;;; Yeah, sure, if you credit we’re completely fine with that. I don’t think I can send the psd files since they’re pretty big, but I can probably send you png files without text.

Ahah dnt worry about it, there are group that have to answer me from months *fufu*
Ur very kind but really I dnt want make u do a double job resave all without text and I dnt have problem for download heavy file (I’ve a good adsl for italian standard) anyway ur the first one that grants me something so do as u please~

I totally forgot to connect tumblr with the new LJ, anyway is all on my twitter~
I thinked about a little and I dnt think to connect them never, because that LJ is really important, ne? XD
In any case for see all my new post/article/and-so-on twitter is the best choise because all my blog, tumblr and LJ converge there~

Tanto so già che nessuno mi darà seguito, ma vabbuò» LINK

10 capitoli di Shin Prince of Tennis *brividi*
1 douji di Reborn *brividi brividevoli*

1 douji di free *tripli brividi*

2 douji di Brave 10 (che in realtà sono i capitoli non inseriti nel manga)

7 douji di FF7 (giusto per chiudere questa storia)

e sono certa manchi ancora qualcosa, urgh…

April Fool’ this *bip* I’ve to release for real:
10 ch of Shin/New POT, an old Tutor Hitman Reborn douji, another about Free (lucky I dnt have to do nothing with this), 2 douji of Brave 10/10 S that in realty are the missing chapter of the main series, 7 douji of FF7 (the last Agia’s I dnt do in Italian) and probably there is something else, really… fuckoff -.- This time I run away, far far far far away~

The only thing italian people said about TWD season finale: "Nooo, why he want rape Carl and not Michonne???"
Really? The only thing u have to said is about ur fucking bigotry for a secondary scene? (ok is a great scene but the point isnt it the pedo-guy, is not SVU, but zombie and cannibal, do u remember?) Not the useless “cliffhanger” or the happy message “see the 5th season, bitch~”
Oooook I really really really love this country, in the future I see loooong post about religion and depressed Papa when he paid a visit in Terminus *facepalm*

(Quasi preferisco gli assurdi pairing che la gente si è fatta su ‘sta puntata)

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Le Dune Arse non hanno molto a loro favore ma stranamente questa canzone non mi disgarba *fufu* Che poi dovrebbe essere una specie di tributo all’VI, no?

Cambio grafica sul blog >.<

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